Q9 Wireless Microphone With Bluetooth Speaker For All IOS/Android Smartphones

A handheld condenser microphone with a portable mini home KTV player; Ideal for music fancier, allows you to sing and record your voice anywhere, such as in car traveling, BBQ, family dinner and outdoor party; Fit for singing, instrument recording, interviews, podcasting, etc. Can be also used as a portable Bluetooth speaker

650.00 1,100.00

Q9 is a multi-functional microphone used on your PC, phone, and car, and much improved compared with K068 microphone. Q9 can connect by Bluetooth, compatible with various singing applications, and its built-in audio has a clear and vivid sound effect, you can listen to the music and sing with karaoke effect anytime and anywhere. Q9 provides the solution of the outdoor singing or speech, no matter there is a party, picnic or other outdoor activities, Q9 Bluetooth microphone makes it so easy to increase the voice volume and the karaoke effect makes the singing and speech much more impressed and enjoyable, this is a must-have tool during the outdoor entertainments. Specifications: 1.Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0. 2. Battery: Li-Polymer 3.7V / 2600mAh. 3. Material: ABS + Copper + Aluminum. 4. Feature: Small Tiny Portable Wireless Microphone. 5. Style: Handheld Microphone. 6. Power: 3W*2 (6W). 7. Working time: 6 Hours. 8. Size: 9.45 inch * 2.85 inch. 9. Frequency Range: 100HZ-10KHZ. 3 Layers material for noise reduction: Out layer: Broad metal mesh plated Gold. Middle layer: Thick metal mesh plated Gold. Inner layer: High-density Sponge. Package includes One Microphone. One USB Cable. One Micro USB to Audio Cable. One User Manual.

How to use

1. Switch on/off press the power button, the blue light will on/off.

2. Bluetooth connection: tum on Bluetooth on your mobile phone and search the Bluetooth name ” Q9″ click and paired. the device will tick sound(note: pairing process to enter a password, enter 0000).

3 Playing music: tum on mobile phone music app such as kugou, download your favorite songs or accompaniment songs. volume could be adjusted by cellphone

4 Adjusting sound: adjust voice volume or echo in a suitable place. Start singing and have fun! ow to record

5. Start singing and have fun!

How to record

1. Connect the audio cable, plug the micro USB port into pocket KTV and 35mm audio port into a cell phone

2. open recording app like KUGOU and follow the process, start recording. PS Bluetooth will automatically disconnect when audio cable plugs in.

4. Normal conditions work 6-8 hours.


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